Friday, July 8, 2011

New Ordination Guides Available for 10-A

Fair, accurate interpretation and implementation of 10-A, now known as G-2.0104 is our top priority. We have created Ordination Guides from an affirming perspective and we have sent them to staff in all 173 presbyteries. These guides are designed with the following persons and groups in mind: Sessions and nominating committees; seminarians, candidates and inquirers; Committees on Ministry and Preparation; Executive Presbyters and Stated Clerks; and Seminaries.

You can download, print out, share and use this Guide now by clicking the blue Download link next to the Scribd logo below. You may also share (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), embed or email the guide using the blue Share link on the right of the header below.

We need to get this affirming Guide in the hands, hearts, minds and actions of every Presbyterian congregation, every Committee on Preparation for Ministry and every Committee on Ministry. We believe that G-2.0104 can be a blessing for our Church and world. For 10-A to make the difference it can make, we need to make sure that it is understood, honored and followed by every church and presbytery. We know this is a tall order: 11,000 churches in 173 presbyteries. All of us doing our part can make this happen. Together we are building a Church that reflects God's heart.